Gripen fire Meteor for Swedish Integration Programme

FMV recently conducted a so-called Safe-Separation firing from Gripen with the Meteor missile at the Vidsel test range.


Image: The Meteor missile is currently being integrated on the Swedish Air Force Gripen. Photo: Kristofer Sjöström, FMV Vidsel Test Range


It was the first live-firing of the Swedish Integration programme. Gripen has also been the launch platform from the start of the development of the Meteor missile.

The purpose of this test was to verify the model on separation of the missile from the aircraft. The impact from the missile exhaust plume on the aircraft engine was also studied. As an important part of the integration work the data-link was verified as well.


An initial evaluation showed that the missile separated from the inboard pylon station in a normal manner and the data link between the missile and the aircraft was activated. Temperature data from the aircraft engine was also monitored. The missiles flight was terminated as planned at a predetermined position.


“Saab together with FMV Test & Evaluation Department accomplished the campaign very successfully. Saab evaluates and analyzes the data gathered from the test firing together with the supplier," said Michael Östergren, Project Manager at FMV.


With this firing the first of two phases in the Swedish integration is now completed.

The first phase was designed to support the development of the missile while the next phase is designed to fully integrate the missile on Gripen. The final integration with Gripen for the Swedish Air Force has recently begun and is expected to be finalized during 2013.


Image: Gripen equipped with the Meteor missile taking off from Vidsel for a test firing. Photo: Kristofer Sjöström, FMV Vidsel Test Range