Saab receives reward for climate reporting

For the fourth year in succession, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) has included Saab among the Nordic region's 20 best companies for climate reporting.

The Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index ranks companies according to their reporting on matters relating to their climate work. Saab has a long history of working strategically with climate related issues, and the goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent by 2020, compared with 2007.    


"We are pleased that we can contribute to a society where fewer greenhouse gases are emitted. Our reporting of the data is based not only on how our consumption of electricity and heat affects climate change, but also on an analysis of the emissions from test flights, freight transport and business travel. We are continuing to make improvements within a number of areas," says Kenth Algotsson Saab's Environmental Officer.  


Saab's Environmental Officer Kenth Algotsson


"Companies that are included in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index have shown a clear insight into how climate change affects their company, now and in the future. As companies' understanding of climate change problems increases, they can create the conditions for adopting measures designed to manage and mitigate the risks," says Paul Dickinson, Executive Chairman of CDP.  


 Being a pioneer in the field of climate change generates business Saab has the potential to use its products and technologies to bring about solutions that are environmentally aware from a business perspective. Business opportunities exist within a number of areas including land, sea and air. Saab is already using its environmental technology within the Greentech project, as well as within the EU's Clean Sky programme aimed at reducing the impact of aviation on climate.  


"Saab's climate-friendly solutions and systems can help others to reduce their carbon footprint. This benefits not only Saab, but society in general," says Kenth Algotsson. 


Saab's investment in new environmental solutions

  • Clean Sky - Saab's contribution includes the development of new types of wings, energy-efficient systems for deicing and smarter flights that will make European aviation more environmentally friendly and reduce emissions by 20-40 percent.
  • SESAR – a development programme for air traffic control that aims to streamline European airspace, increase safety and reduce the environmental impact. Saab's contribution is i.e. the continuing development of remotely operated air traffic control towers, the ROT concept.
  • Land Transport – Saab’s offering within the area of Traffic Systems in transport make environmentally friendly approaches possible while ensuring the safety of people and improving traffic efficiency.
  • Maritime Transport and Port Solutions – Saab offers a range of solutions designed to optimize and secure flows at sea and within ports. These solutions also decrease the consumption of fuels and reduce negative environmental effects.


About CDP
CDP is an independent, non-profit organisation that has the worlds's largest database of business information on climate change. Thousands of companies in the world's largest economies measure and report their greenhouse gas emissions and their climate change strategies via CDP, in order to establish reduction targets and improve their performance. This information is collected on behalf of 534 institutional investors managing combined assets of more than USD 64 trillion, as well as for various purchasing organisations and government agencies, and is made available for integration into various business and decision processes.