Successful workshop with Boeing

Saab recently conducted a workshop together with Boeing, aimed at streamlining certain storage and production routines within Saab in relation to the large cargo doors for Boeing's B787. A number of improvement proposals emerged.

The material handling is after the workshop 25 % more efficient.

During the workshop, a number of improvement measures were identified that were introduced the very next day. For instance, after observing the process of selecting the material kit it was found that this could be improved.

"The process was seen to contain many steps, such as collecting the order, fetching a trailer, putting onto the trailer, going to another table and removing the packaging, putting them into kit boxes and moving the kit boxes to a delivery trailer," says Mats Karlström, Lean manager at Saab.

After joint brainstorming, it emerged that the picking trailer could also be used as the delivery trailer. This resulted in the elimination of several steps leading to a selection process that is 25 % more efficient.

It also emerged during the workshop that the procedures regarding how the trucks should be handled was not sufficiently clear. A team from warehouse and production therefore developed new universal rules to ensure that everyone knows what applies A more visual system for material handling and delivery plans was also created, providing a better overview and resulting in less searching and fewer unnecessary transports.

"Besides the obvious efficiency gains in material handling, we have achieved a number of soft benefits in the form of better communication and a common understanding about the flow," says Mats Karlström.