Saab's Environmental Awareness Engine improves efforts towards a more sustainable society

Environmental Awareness Engine (EAE) is a tool that can help to reduce environmental impacts and bring about a more sustainable society. Sustainability was also the focus at the international Building Sustainability Stockholm 2010 conference that was held recently and where Saab demonstrated its technology within integrated situational awareness.

EAE is still only a demonstrator, but at Sustainable Stockholm, where Saab exhibited with EAE, the technology aroused a great deal of interest among participants including governmental agencies and politicians.


Inspiring feedback

"EAE is extremely timely, and our participation at Sustainable Stockholm has helped us to position ourselves on the market. It is pleasing that so many of those we met welcomed us and our technology. This inspires us and encourages our efforts even further," says Björn Lagerquist, product manager within Saab's Security and Defence Solutions business area.




The overall picture 

Today there is a vast amount of information that can be obtained relating to the environment and environmental effects. This can be, for example, data from water and electricity meters, information about carbon dioxide levels in the air over an airport, or measuring pollution levels from water samples taken from the Baltic sea. This information can be obtained today using various types of technology solutions and information channels, but to gain an overall picture of the situation requires a lot of work to gather together and compare all this information. By using Saab's Environmental Awareness Engine, this work can instead be automated. EAE connects all of these different information channels together, thereby rapidly generating an overall picture that is accurate and easily understood.  


"That way, the user can more easily understand relationships, why things happen and who is doing what, and from there instead focus on improvements and measures to bring about behavioural changes among us humans, which is a necessary part of the environmental work," says Björn Lagerquist.


Many years' experience 


Saab works with solutions and products for civil security, infrastructure and technology for a sustainable society and already has many years' experience of creating situational awareness, particularly within the military arena.  


"We are continuing our tradition of applying military experience to potential civilian uses, and with this we are also taking the step into environmental and green areas of use," says Carl-Johan Koivisto, responsible for Saab's endeavours within the environmental field - Saab GreenTech.