Compraser - a centre for development of composites manufacturing

Together with a number of local, other Swedish companies and with local government support, Saab has established a centre for the development of innovative composites manufacturing technology in Linköping, Sweden. Initially the existing infrastructures of the four member companies will be used for Compraser projects.

The name of centre is Compraser and as the name partly states, the main focus of the centre is to work with composites and thereby developing both new manufacturing methodology and tool design. The work will be based upon developing in fiber composites, which is an ever expanding area. Today it is heavily utilized in the defense and aerospace market, where the increasing challenge of lower weight and lower fuel consumption brings an increasing need for composites.

The Automatic Tape Layer device inside the clean room at Saabs composite work-shop.

The Automatic Tape Layer machine inside the clean room at Saabs composite work-shop.

The other companies behind Compraser are the Linköping-based companies Applied Composites AB (ACAB), RUAG Space AB, Exova AB and from Trollhättan Volvo Aero. Through cooperation with the Swedish research company SiComp, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH) and Linköping Univeristy as well as the local community in Linköping, the centre is a perfect step for the increased focus on fiber composites and will mainly be a centre for the development of automation, verification and manufacturing technologies. The center will also serve to bring the ideas in the national composites into the same forum.

- Compraser is an important achievement and I look forward to work with the other Swedish companies to find innovative technologies for the future composites production. Saab has a good and extensive knowledge within the field of composites, but as the market development shows an increasing demand of the material, the work within Compraser can provide vital tools and give us an even more competitive edge on the market, says Kjell Johnsson, VP & Managing Director of Saab Aerostructures and one of the co-founders and investors of Compraser.

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