First prize for Gripen in Aviation Week photo competition

Jamie Hunter won the 2010 Aviation Week Photo Contest Military Category with one of his Saab Gripen photographs taken in August during a visit to Linkoping.



Image: With this photo of Gripen Jamie Hunter won the 2010 Aviation Week Photo Contest Military Category . 

Jamie said: ' We had a very small window of opportunity to shoot the Gripen NG Demo in formation with a JAS 39D and so it had to planned very carefully. The weather in the area around Linkoping was quite bad with heavy rain and low clouds - but luckily we were able to find some better weather in the operating area thanks to some advice from a Gripen pilot who had just returned from a local mission. This was Rhys Williams from the ETPS, an old friend of mine. We got airborne in the Sk60 cameraship and immediately climbed above the cloud into fabulous blue skies and headed for the operating area. The Gripen NG Demo and the Gripen-D were vectored towards us quickly and we used up our 10 minute window very quickly before the two aircraft went their separate ways to complete their respective missions'.

The images from the photo shoot also appear a 16-page Gripen supplement in the December 2010 issue of Combat Aircraft Monthly magazine, of which Jamie is the editor. More of Jamies stunning Gripen images can also be found in the Saab Image Bank.

Jamie Hunter is one of the best known aviation photographers today and has flow with air forces around the world. He got the “Best of the best” award in last years Aviation Week Photo Contest after a photo assignment with the US Navy and a third price Military Category flying with the Royal Air Force Red Arrows display team.