Expansion of Rakel is finished on time

The consortium consisting of Saab, Cassidian and Eltel Networks is supplying and operating the Rakel national radio communication system on behalf of the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). The project to build a nationwide network has lasted over five years, in accordance with the original schedule. The first parts of the network have been operational since April 2006.

Rakel is now operational throughout the country and the two final stages, covering Jämtland, Västerbotten and Norrbotten, are being put into operation today, 1 December 2010. This enables user organisations to operationally collaborate their activities nationwide and between various organisations such as the police, fire and ambulance services at the site of an accident with the help of Rakel. Operationally, for the user organisations this means that they are no longer constrained by their radio network. Instead, the organisations can cooperate with one another more efficiently day-to-day, making it even easier should an assignment take them outside their normal operating area.

Robust radio communication system

The project has delivered a robust radio communication system consisting of approximately 1,700 sites with base stations and a number of radio exchanges for interconnecting traffic. These are located in the very south of Sweden to the most northerly parts.

Image: Anders Åkeson, head of the Rakel consortium, Saab.

"With joint efforts and close cooperation, the original timetable and objectives have been met. It is therefore with great pleasure that we are now handing over the Rakel system in its entirety to MSB for further operational processing," says Anders Åkeson, head of the consortium.

Extremely good coverage and availability 

"MSB is pleased to announce that Rakel is fully operational in accordance with the original timetable. The consortium has completed the expansion well.  Rakel has extremely good coverage and availability. MSB can now offer Rakel to its customers throughout Sweden. MSB looks forward to continued work with the consortium in the operation of Rakel and its further development," says Stefan Kvarnerås at MSB.

World leading expertise

Saab, Cassidian and Eltel Networks make up a consortium with wide experience and competence within protection and security. Together, we have what is required to provide a powerful, user-friendly and cost effective solution that sets a new standard for radio communications. This includes both infrastructure and systems, and the work to expand, operate and maintain all safety and security agencies in Sweden.