India – an important part of Saabs production flow

Aerostructures has so far chosen to work with three Indian companies, all of them based in Bangalore. The strategy is to build partnerships to support Saabs programmes in various production technologies comprising sheet metal, machining and composite.

Tata Advance Material, TAML, is one of the companies Saab is working with.


This has emerged from the ongoing programme’s need for lower costs while maintaining a focus on quality and delivery. It is necessary to work with the right partners in order to guarantee sustainable results from the initiative of transferring work from other suppliers to India.


“Tata Advance Material, TAML, is the company where we are establishing production of small to medium sized composite parts. The second company is QuEST Engineering, focusing on the fabrication of sheet metal and machined parts. This is up and running and we are presently ramping up the volumes for the coming year. The third company is CIM Tools, which is focused on machining and sub-assembly. This is the company where we started a couple of years ago and we have already placed our third work package here,” says Stefan Rönnmark, head of Sourcing & Production at Aerostructures.


Until now, Aerostructures has had key resources travelling to India to establish the work packages. This phase will now end and instead there will be a permanent resource in India to support the next phase of increasing the volumes and coordinating deliveries.


“From mid 2011, we will have on-site representation in India that will stabilise the flow of parts to our production, ensure that we improve procedures and trim the performance to meet our production demands,” says Stefan Rönnmark.


The coming phase with the partners and suppliers will begin along with the development of Lean activities. This is just as important for external production as it is for internal production. Production in India is now an important part of Saabs flow and will remain so in the future.