Meet us at Aero India 9-13 February 2011

Saab takes pleasure in inviting you to visit us at Aero India 2011 Air Show. Our Pavilion is located at E-1 and our Chalet number is 14. The Gripen fighter will be there, among other things, and you have the chance to fly it!

Gripen, the centerpiece of our air superiority offer, will be in flight at the event. It will also be demonstrated by the Gripen Simulator, as well as featuring on the static display.

At the static display we will exhibit the Saab 340 and Saab 2000, the platforms at the heart of Saab’s regional airliner and airborne surveillance capabilities. We will also show Skeldar, a medium-range UAV system that can hover for hours while providing real-time information to a control station or to a remote video terminal.

In the Saab pavilion we will be showcasing our cutting-edge capabilities in precision engagement, avionics, sensors, C4I, Electronic Warfare and support solutions. Moreover, we also exhibit the state-of-the-art A320 Aileron, a monolithic integrated composites assembly, showing Saab’s world-class capabilities in composite and assembly. Personnel from Aerostructures will be present in the Saab pavilion throughout the Air Show, so do not hesitate to join us for an introduction or a meeting.

And last but not least. Take the Gripen challenge or show off your flight simulator skills at, and you can be chosen for a real flight in the Gripen fighter at the Aero India!

Read more about the exhibition here!