Sverre Diesen appointed to Saab board

Former Chief of Norwegian Defence Sverre Diesen has been appointed Member of the Board of Saab International Norway. With Diesen’s appointment, Saab avails itself of the expertise of one of the foremost military experts in the Nordic countries.

The Saab Group seeks to expand its activities in Norway through industry cooperation and business development, with special emphasis on the development and sale of surveillance systems. Saab can supply surveillance technology for  military as well as civilian use in Norway.

”Just as we are seeing defence cooperation emerge in the Nordic region on a political level, the defence industry also needs to cooperate. Saab as a company accepts this responsibility, and we are therefore  initiating cooperation with Norwegian industry and expertise. Sverre Diesen is a person with high military capacity, who can counsel Saab in this process”, said Anders Thorheim, CEO of Saab International Norway.

Sverre Diesen emphasized that Nordic defence cooperation opens up opportunities for the Nordic defence industry:

”Norwegian and Swedish defence industries are complementary. When a large player such as Saab seeks cooperation with Norwegian defence expertise and with Norwegian industry, this is of importance for the Norwegian as well as the Swedish defence. Saab can complete the Norwegian expertise in sensor/radar technology, to the benefit of both Norwegian industry and Norwegian authorities”, said Sverre Diesen.

Sverre Diesen was Norway’s Chief of Defence from 1 April 2005 until 1 October 2009. In February 2011 he published the book Renewal or crumbling. The defence towards 2020 (Fornyelse eller forvitring. Forsvaret mot 2020).

Saab has had operations in Norway since 1984, and Saab International Norway is a marketing office for all business areas of the Saab Group. Saab Technologies Norway is the Norwegian production company. The company is located in Halden and primarily develops data processing for the military radar systems Giraffe (anti-aircraft defence radar) and Arthur (artillery localization radar)
Saab supplies the global market with leading solutions, products and services that span from military defence to civil security. Saab has approx. 12 500 employees worldwide. Annual operating income is approx 24 bill. SEK, of which R&D investments comprise approx. 20 per cent. Saab’s operations are organized in the following five business areas: Aeronautics, Dynamics, Electronic Defence Systems, Security and Defence Solutions, and Support and Services.