Moonshine War at Boeing

Boeing arranges an annual event called the “Moonshine War”. It is a contest in which multi-skilled teams take part in a friendly contest regarding projects that deal with actual manufacturing problems. This year Saab was invited to participate.

This year’s Moonshine War, arranged by Boeing Commercial Airplane’s Lean Enterprise Office, focused on improving the safety, quality and environmental footprint of selected Boeing products. Boeing invited selected representatives from suppliers and customer airlines to participate as team members and this year Aerostructures was invited to send a participant.

“It was a great experience and a lot of hands-on learning in Boeing’s Production Preparation Process. I am very glad that Saab had the opportunity to participate and I am sure we will use the things I learned both from the process and also from the people there,” says Mats Karlström, Lean Director at Aerostructures and event participant.

The event lasts over two weeks. After the initial week’s project presentations, education and preparations, the problem solving begins in the second week. Each team then delivers their presentation in front of a jury. The presentation includes how the process was followed, examples of small mockups, as well as the solution to the problem and a simulation of the solution in a full scale mockup.

Mats Karlström and his team in the Boeing contest called themselves "Carolina Kazien Warriors”

Mats Karlström and his team in the Boeing contest called themselves "Carolina Kazien Warriors”

“It is fantastic how much a dedicated multi-skilled team can accomplish in a few days with a clear goal and a sound process. One thing I learned and will take away with me was the excellent coaching we received from Boeing’s Lean Enterprise Office and a Japanese consultant, Sensei Nako. We were pushed to think harder and think outside the box. All in all it was two excellent weeks and I hope we will be invited again in the future,” says Mats Karlström.