Saab ready to meet the challenges of the Blue Amazonas

Saab is in the race for one of the world’s largest procurements within maritime security – the SisGAAz project in Brazil. The ongoing discussions with Brazilian stakeholders and decision makers continue during the LAAD defence and security exhibition in Rio de Janeiro.

“Saab recognizes the challenges the Brazilian authorities’ faces, having to control such a vast area as the Brazilian coastline and sea. Within Saab’s portfolio, there are products, systems and solutions for practically each and every one of these challenges,” says Bo Torrestedt, Head of Latin America and Sub Saharan Africa, Saab.

With an economy that depends upon shipping, the ability to control and secure the maritime environment is essential for Brazil’s future growth. Saab offers a complete solution enabling greater security and enhancing maritime capabilities.

Threats of terrorism, piracy, pollution, smuggling, illegal fishing etc. creates a growing need for surveillance solutions with the ability to detect, identify and track any such threat. Enforcing authority in a complex maritime environment demands access to a range of advanced capabilities, including wide area surveillance, decision support and communications. Authorities must also be able to deter threats, taking action and applying force if necessary.

Saab’s offering

Saab can offer a wide range of highly capable products, systems and solutions for creating net-centric capabilities, implementing robust and secure communications, obtaining decision superiority, being able to perform SAR missions, distribute information in role based networks, dealing with various kinds of illegal operations or to detect threats and execute combat missions. Systems and products are based on reliable technology, drawing upon Saab’s experience of creating a common situational picture as well as studies in the field of Net Centric Warfare.

Wide area surveillance

With Saab’s state-of-the-art transponder system for automatic identification of ships and the Erieye airborne early warning and control system, it’s possible to create a system-of-systems solution that provides wide area surveillance capabilities for accurate detection and fast response to suspicious behaviour, such as subversive activities, piracy, smuggling or illegal immigration. This also provides support for search-and-rescue operations, disaster-relief and environmental-protection operations.

Information flows

Saab’s robust and highly capable information and communication solutions facilitate information sharing, connectivity and interoperability between different operators, regardless of domain or geographical position. The solutions are fully integrated for all domains and joint use.

The common picture

Saab’s solutions comprise everything from wide area surveillance systems and robust communications to underwater surveillance systems, medium-range UAV’s, radars and complete command centres. Saab’s maritime offering also includes a wide range of on-board solutions, such as scalable naval C4I systems, force protection systems, remotely operated weapon and sensor systems, and systems for optronic tracking and fire control.

Rapid response

Saab’s solutions include everything from monitoring vessels to underwater security solutions and integrated communication solutions for air, land, sea and civil security. With modern surveillance and communication equipment, improved situational awareness of the activities within the port and the coastal area is achieved, making it possible to optimize preparedness and increase security within and around the port.

A long-term relation

Saab's offering will include the transfer of a broad spectrum of technologies and know-how to Brazilian industrial and institutional partners to enhance and develop national capabilities. Saab's long term perspective and commitment to work with Brazilian industry is reflected in the decision to establish a “Brazilian-Swedish Research & Innovation Centre” in Sao Paulo. This centre will provide a platform for co-operation between, not only Saab and the Brazilian defence and aerospace industry, but also in other industrial areas such as environment, energy and security systems.

Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions ranging from military defence to civil security. Saab has operations and employees on all continents and constantly develops, adopts and improves new technology to meet customers’ changing needs.

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