Saab’s diversity on LAAD 2011

The LAAD exhibition in Rio, Brazil, is a good example of how close defence and civil security is working together. The ongoing fighter competition, in which Gripen is one of three remaining candidates, is naturally the hottest topic of the exhibition, however, other procurements are waiting in the wings and a lot of them have something to do with civil security.

One of the reasons for civil security being high on the agenda is of course that Brazil in a few years will host both the Fifa World Cup and the Olympic Games. Saab’s civil security solutions were used during the latest World Cup in South Africa. Technology and installation services were supplied to a command and control network of the South African police to help with transmission and recording.    

South Africa showed during the last Fifa World Cup how effective a modern fighter like Gripen can be in securing the airspace, working autonomous and as a flying command centre for other units. Another important asset for Brazil could also be effective ground based air defence systems and here Saab is offering both the Rbs 70 and the Bamse systems.  

Threats can not only come from the sky but also from the sea. For some time Brazil has considered a completely new maritime surveillance system along the lines of the very successful Sivam programme over the Amazonas where Saab’s Erieye is an important part. The maritime system, called SisGAAz, is not only needed to keep an eye on what is going on along the Brazilian coast but also to protect vital offshore assets. Saab has a wide range of products that could form the backbone of such a “system of systems”. A similar product, already in use by the Swedish Armed Forces, was demonstrated at LAAD in the Saab stand by a Royal Swedish Navy.