State-of-the art in composites

In March, Saab was among the exhibitors taking part at the JEC Composites Show in Paris, demonstrating our state-of-the art composites development. It was a great success.

Both the wing panel and the Aileron was shown in Saab's booth at the
JEC Composites Show in Paris.

During some busy days at the end of March, Saab exhibited at the JEC Composites Show in Paris. The exhibition provides the ideal opportunity to become acquainted with the latest developments in composites manufacturing, materials and processing, and after gathering up all the feedback from the exhibition, we are proud to have taken part and utterly convinced that our composites development efforts are state-of-the art in the business.

The Saab exhibition area included two showpieces: the recently completed wing panel for the European Framework Clean Sky and one Aileron from the A320 Production. Both products represent the latest in development with the Clean Sky wing panel with integrated leading edge and laminar flow surface.

The Aileron product is a long-term Saab development that is a composite box with fully integrated horizontal ribs, which also are made in a single curing phase. The parts have no fasteners, and looking further ahead, the need for more integrated composites parts will increase even more - shortening final assembly time and heightening the level of automation.

When we took the decision to exhibit at the JEC exhibition, our main task was to obtain feedback on the technology and to gauge the market’s interest. The conclusion, the Saab stand was extremely popular, not only with potential customers, competitors and suppliers, but also with media and materials and process houses. It really gave a strong indication that we have pushed the boundaries of our composites development even further.