Gripen Tigers flew in France

In May four Gripen fighters from the 211th tactical squadron, Čáslav Air Force Base in the Czech Republic participated in the NATO Tiger Meet 2011.

The exercise took place in Cambrai, France and is one of the largest air exercises in Europe. The Gripen squadron participated to defend their titel from last year, the Silver Tiger Award. This year they remained as one of the best squadrons participating.

Image: Czech Tiger Gripen flying over France 

Exercise at all levels

NATO Tiger Meet is not just about the aircraft or the pilot. It stands for a sophisticated system of modern supersonic fighters controlled by a pilot trained at the best level, with the support of qualified and competent technical staff. The Czech Gripen pilot, Lieutenant Milan Nykodym, was one of the participants in NATO Tiger Meet 2011.

“We have trained together with the Swiss Air Force’s F/A-18 Hornet and with F-16 Fighting Falcon bearing the Turkish and Greek insignia”, he said.

The 211th tactical squadron proved their qualities in dozens of simulated air duels, in rescue operations in aid of downed pilots, in seeking and destroying important targets in the opponents’ rear and as protection of helicopters with paratroopers.

“During the exercise two Czech Gripen fighters were gracing the sky of France in the mornings while in the afternoon fighting in a cluster of four. All demonstrating the great capabilities of the Gripen fighter", he continues.

The NATO Tiger Association (NTA) brings together units from all over the world that have a tiger or other big cat in their logos or emblems. The large-scale international exercise, NATO Tiger Meet, is intended by the association to strengthen the ties between its members.

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Image: Members from the 211th tactical squadron at Čáslav Air Force Base
Image: Members from the 211th tactical squadron at Čáslav Air Force Base celebrating the end of NATO Tiger Meet 2011.

Image: Czech Tiger Gripens on flight line in France
Image: Four Gripen fighters from the 211th tactical squadron flew in NATO Tiger Meet 2011. Two of them were decorated with typical Tiger camouflage which was made especially for the exercise.