Saab comments on TV4's details regarding consultant contracts

Swedish news channel TV4 and the editorial team for the 'Kalla Fakta' documentary programme have published a contract from 2003 between Sanip Ltd, which was then a fully owned subsidiary of Saab AB in South Africa, and Hlongwane Consulting Ltd, relating to consulting services connected to the sale of Gripen in South Africa.

Saab was not previously aware of the contract that has now been made public. Nor have any of the investigations previously conducted found any evidence of irregularities in the deal with South Africa. Saab is therefore looking very seriously at the accusations now being made. Saab has a zero-tolerance policy with regard to bribery and corruption, and the company focuses heavily and works continuously to improve the regulations for dealing with marketing consultants to avoid all possible risk of suspicion.


Saab will now be conducting further enquiries to investigate the circumstances regarding the contract in question.


The individuals interviewed and referred to by TV4/Kalla Fakta are also attempting to give the impression that the deal with South Africa has not been successful. That is an incorrect assertion. Saab has delivered the aircraft ordered according to schedule. On a number of occasions, the heads of the South African Air Force have declared that they are very pleased with the aircraft's performance and costs.


South Africa's Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has also recently published a report in which they have evaluated the offset-deal in connection with the Strategic Defence Package that Gripen is part of. In summary, the DTI are very satisfied: the deal has contributed to economic growth and to more than 70,000 new jobs.


Saab's twelve-hundred employees in South Africa, ten percent of all employees, are now working for the country's second largest defence company. Together, they have contributed to increased security for the country and its citizens, to new technology and greater expertise, and to new jobs for many South Africans. Our employees therefore have every reason to be extremely proud of the work now being done for South African society by Saab South Africa. 

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