Saab wins inland maritime surveillance project in Romania

Saab has signed a contract to supply an inland maritime surveillance system to Romania. The purpose of the system is to monitor vessels operating the canal between the river Danube and the Black Sea. Saab will cooperate with UTI Systems to deliver the project, which will be ready for use in 2012.

The project is financed by EU, providing an extension to the River Information Services along the river Danube. The system will be operated by the Administration of Navigable Canals. The purpose of the project is to improve the automated services for vessel tracking along the river to create a safer environment for the vessels operating the river. 

Saab will deliver Automatic Identification System (AIS) base stations, portable AIS transponders and the CoastWatch VTMIS platform for sensor integration of AIS, VHF and CCTV subsystems. 

The Coastwatch VTMIS system will gather data from various sensors and integrate the information to obtain an overall picture of the canal area and provide this information to the operators along with other applications. 

With this contract, Saab is continuing its successful implementation of maritime surveillance systems based on AIS technology and advanced sensor integration. Saab already has a strong presence in Romania and has previously delivered Coastal Surveillance Solutions, both inland and along the Black Sea coastline.