Saab’s presentation at IDET 2011 a success

The International Exhibition of Defence and Security Technologies (IDET) took place in Brno, Czech Republic during week 19. At the exhibition Saab presented a broad range of its offering for the region, for instance new virtual simulators for military training.

Saab showcased virtual simulators for both civil and military use, the later in use with the Czech army for many years. These simulators were produced by E-COM – a Moravian company based in Slavkov u Brna, which was acquired by Saab in February 2011. E-COM‘s new virtual simulators for the Pandur armoured vehicle were on public display for the first time at IDET 2011.

Saab has a significant presence in the Czech Republic, with more than 120 employees. Saab’s supersonic fighter aircraft, Gripen, is in service with the Czech Air Force. The company’s artillery locator radar system, Arthur, has been selected by the Czech army, and Saab has also been selected to provide public security systems for the Prague metro.

“Now Saab can offer a complete solution for training and simulation to the customer with financial savings and customization capabilities as added value," Jindřich Špringl, Head of Saab Czech s.r.o., said.

Image: Saab's Gripen simulator at IDET 2011.

Image: Saab's Gripen simulator at IDET 2011.

Saab’s stand attracted lots of visitors

IDET was visited by many important delegations and the Saab stand was among the busiest during the opening days of the exhibition.

Image: Saab's stand at IDET 2011, Brno, Czech Republic

“We’ve had some great days here at IDET,” Daniel Boestad, Saab Country Manager for the Czech Republic said.

“Many delegations have passed by the stand, for instance the Deputy Defence Minister of the Czech Republic, the Czech Chief of General Staff, the Commander of the Czech Air Force and the National Armament Director of the Slovak Republic," Daniel Boestad added.

Besides representatives from the Czech government and the Czech Air Force, delegations from Poland, Slovenia and Turkey, as well as a number of journalists, also visited the Saab stand. A special visit was also been paid by Håkan Jevrell, State Secretary of the Swedish Ministry of Defence.

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