Skeldar impresses at Rescue Centre

In conjunction with this year's Teknikdagar (Technical Days) arranged by the Swedish Rescue Training Centre (SRTC), Saab displayed the unmanned helicopter Skeldar and ground station.

SRTC Teknikdagar is an international exhibition that is arranged by the Swedish Rescue Training Centre. Visitors have the opportunity to see and test equipment and products in a genuine environment. 


“Saab was there to talk about the possibilities that can be offered with the unmanned Skeldar VTOL system for rescue services and rapid reaction command. The exhibition was also part of Saab's long-term efforts to provide guidance to the authorities in the development of a framework regarding the interaction between UAVs and other air traffic," says Håkan Ekström, Marketing Specialist at Aeronautics and one of the Saab representatives who took part in the exhibition. 


There are numerous civilian applications for Skeldar and the Rescue Service was impressed by the system's ability to generate good situational awareness for the mission controllers as well as other fire personnel. For example, Skeldar's sensors can penetrate smoke and its heat sensors can detect the distribution of ignition sources.


“Besides the technical capabilities, they were also impressed by Skeldar's user friendliness and that it can easily be integrated with other information systems for leading rescue operations. It can be airborne very quickly and just a few people are needed to manage the system. The Rescue Service were also pleased with the safety aspect, and that's ultimately what using Skeldar is all about - saving the lives of fire-fighters and citizens in distress, for example," says Håkan Ekström.