Strong cooperation in Libya mission

Captain Henrik Lahti is back in Sweden after two weeks of service at the Sigonella base on Sicily. Some time ago, he met Saab's Gripen In Service Team (IST) to share experiences of the mission so far.

On 1 April, the Swedish parliament decided to participate with Gripen in an aerial mission to monitor the no-fly zone over Libya. Captain Henrik Lahti was there from the start, with the task of providing the division with tactical support.

Eight Gripen aircraft are involved in the mission, plus one Hercules aircraft for airborne refuelling and a surveillance aircraft. The mission is to monitor the airspace and supply NATO with surveillance images.

"Everything has progressed well and smoothly for a long time and Gripen has successfully completed around 60 assignments relating to the mission to enforce the no-fly zone and to provide surveillance images, says Henrik Lahti.

"The cooperation between Saab, FMV (the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration) and the Swedish Armed Forces is extremely important, and my perception is that this is working very well, and that we have good channels and contact networks."

Captain Henrik Lahti has been working to provide tactical support in the Libya mission.