Saab - an attractive company for Brazilian industry

For many Brazilian companies, Sweden sets a good example with regards to corporate governance. To learn more about this, the Swedish-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce helped organize  a study visit to selected companies for members of Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance IBGC (Instituto Brasileiro de Governanca Corporativa).

45 representatives from Brazilian companies were therefore on a week-long study visit in Sweden and Finland to learn more about how Swedish and Finnish companies are run. Saab was one of the companies being visited and besides this a visit to the Swedish palace and the Swedish Queen Silvia was on the agenda. Saab's Gripen offering to Brazil was obviously of tremendous interest, but that was not the main reason for the visit.

"We are interested in Saab since we get the impression that it is an extremely well organised company from a governance perspective, with strong owners, independent board members, union representatives on the board, active board committees and a code of conduct for all levels of the hierarchy including market consultants. We consider Saab to be an impressive company with its links to research and the academic field, for example”, said Leonardo Viegas who was responsible for the visit from IBGC.

The visit here in Sweden was highly appreciated by the 45 people who took part in the study visit.

Image: Members of the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance IBGC visiting Saab
Image: Members of the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance IBGC when the visited Saab. Photo: Lasse Hejdenberg.