Saab prepared for B787

B787 is coming closer and closer to the first delivery. A thrilling and exciting milestone, which Saab is very happy to be part of. Saab is well prepared to meet the program challenge.

The Boeing manufacturing Engineering manager Johan Stark at the
assembly line for the Boeing Work package.

With the start of the deliveries to the customer, Saab is looking forward to the speedy and smooth ramp-up of the program. The monitoring of the progress of the B787 and the thereto associated planning of the work are key features of the success of the program at Saab.


“Working with Lean principles at Saab, we are well prepared to meet the challenges of the B787 Program. The Assembly line for the Boeing Work package has been focusing on production preparation and reduction of assembly time in order to meet the ramp-up. We work with takt-times and the reduction thereof,” explains Mats Karlström, Lean manager at Saab.


Takt-times are a key principle in Lean at Saab and together with the introduction of detailed daily plans, covering checklists, clear responsibilities and defined times for each task, the ramp-up of the production had been a success previously. The introduction of daily plans in the production has further made it possible to run several work sequences in parallel without interrupting the workflow, and this will result in further efficiency in the workshop.


The Boeing manufacturing Engineering manager Johan Stark has been one of the key persons in the introduction of the daily plans and states:


“The combination of daily plans and visual planning is vital for the success of the ramp-up. It provides a good control method to monitor efficiency as well as to visualize problem and improvement areas.” 


Mr Stark also states that the ramp-up of the production also creates challenges in terms of the structure of the work stations. Depending on the actual production schedule, some stations might need to be revisited and some tasks could end up being completed outside the flow-line in order to find optimal efficiency. These are all areas that will be monitored and analyzed through the daily and visual plans.