Gripen over the Swiss Alps during Breitling Sion Air Show

In the beautiful town of Sion set in the middle of the Swiss Alps, Gripen soared the sky at the Breitling Sion Air show this weekend.

Over 100,000 visitors turned out to view the air show highlighted by the dare devil stunt of Yves Rossi (the jetman) flying with the delta canard wings attached to his body and flying formation with two bi-plane Stearman aircraft.

Present at the air show were representatives from Saab, the Swedish Defence and Security Export Agency and the Swedish Air Force. The renowned Saab pilot Fredrik Müchler dazzled the spectators with his awesome Gripen Display, and brochures and giveaways were distributed to Swiss spectators which were highly appreciated.

Gripen on Static Display in Switzerland surrounded by the beautiful Swiss Alps
Image: Gripen on static display surrounded by the beautiful Swiss Alps.
Photo: Anne Lewis-Olsson, Saab AB

Last week the Swiss National Council made a decision for the fighter procurement to be accelerated. Richard Smith, Saab’s Gripen Regional Director in Europe, explains:

- Gripen participating in the air show this weekend gave an important message to the Swiss authorities that Gripen is a serious contender in the replacement of the F-5 Tiger, he said.

Gripen on Display in Switzerland
Image: Besides air display Gripen were present at static display.
Photo: Anne Lewis-Olsson, Saab AB

A number of top officials were present at the show including the Chief of the Swiss Air Force and members of the fighter procurement committee.

A closer look on the Gripen air display performed at Breitling Sion Air Show can be viewed on YouTube.