Ready for Remote Tower operations

Technical as well as operational issues were discussed during Saab’s recent Remote Tower Symposium held in Malmö. The event attracted around 70 possible future customers.

“It’s not a question of if but when – and we are ready,” said Saab Sales Director for Air Traffic Management Solutions, Per Ahl, when describing the current status of Saab’s world-leading system for air traffic control from a distance. 

Since Saab hosted the first Remote Tower symposium two years ago, a lot has happened. The technology has been improved and fine-tuned, and the operational requirements have been further discussed. Airservices Australia has signed a contract for Remote Tower trials, and the Swedish Air Navigation Services Provider LFV is setting up a system in Sundsvall and Örnsköldsvik in the north of Sweden. Remote Tower operations are becoming a reality.

Image: Saab Remote Operated Tower, demonstrated during a Remote Tower Symposium 2011

Remote Operated Tower, demonstrated during a Remote Tower Symposium 2011.

Views from the outside

Avinor, the Norwegian Air Navigation Services Provider and operator of several Norwegian airports, explained how Remote Tower operations can help it to meet the requirements of 24-hour services and to maintain airports over the whole country. 

“We are dependent on airport services day and night. In case of emergencies we need to be able to deliver services at short notice. Also, it is important for the local communities that the network of airports across Norway is kept open, and more cost-efficient provision of services will help to make this possible.”

Increased safety

Saab’s Remote Tower technology enables air traffic around an airport to be controlled from a distance. This means that several airports can be handled from one centre, making the operations more cost-efficient. The technology also increases safety by – for example – automatic video tracking of incoming aircraft, advanced zoom cameras and the ability to mark runway contours, structures and other objects at the airport so that it is possible to see them even in conditions of limited visibility. 

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