Saab appoints new Country Manager in Brazil

Defence and Security company Saab continues to strengthen its commitment to Brazil with the appointment of Åke Albertsson, Vice President at Saab Group Marketing Unit, as Country Manager in Brazil. Åke Albertssons appointment is effective from October 1, 2011 and he will work in country to strengthen Saab's presence in Brazil which is in line with Saab's commitment to increase its activities and presence.

Åke will drive Saab’s initiatives to connect to Brazilian industries, the academic world and Swedish and Brazilian government owned institutions. Åke will also lead Saab’s initiative to play a larger role in the Border Control programs of the Brazilian Army and the Maritime and Surveillance program of the Brazilian navy.

Åke has a long career at Saab and has worked extensively with Saab’s commitment regarding industrial co-operation and transfer of technology to Brazil and other countries.

“Saab offers not only Gripen NG for the FX-2 procurement, but can contribute with world leading products, services and solutions that will enable Brazil to fulfil its obligations regarding defence and security and long lasting industrial growth. I am confident that with Brazil’s growing role in world economics and its hosting of world events such as the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016 a cooperation between Brazil and Sweden and their respective industries would be beneficial for both parties”, says Åke Albertsson, Vice President, Country Manager Brazil.

Åke Albertsson

Åke Albertsson, Saab Country Manager in Brazil.

Åke will be based in Rio de Janeiro, co-ordinating Saab's operations in Rio, Brasilia and the Sao Paulo area. Saab already has an established office in Brasilia and the company also initiated the CISB Research and Innovation Centre in Sao Bernardo do Campo last year.

Saab will drive the initiative to establish more than 100 research scholarships in Sweden for Brazilians seeking their PhDs, post-doctorate and senior research posts, during the next three years.

Sweden with its industrial companies has been present and loyal to Brazil for over 100 years. Saab, which is one of these companies, continues to invest and contribute to the biggest Swedish industrial hub outside of Sweden, which today employs over 50 000 people in Brazil.