Saab attends first Latin American Open Innovation seminar in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Open Innovation seminar was inaugurated yesterday at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Sao Paulo and an impressive turn out of over 600 participants were represented from both Brazilian and Swedish industry, academia and governmental bodies.

Open Innovation Seminar in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The open innovation week is the first Latin American seminar dedicated to discussions on open innovations and Saab was one of the exhibitors seeking opportunities for R&D co-operation with Brazil.

Saab also exhibited the Gripen fighter simulator as an example of Swedish innovation and state of the art technologies that goes into the making of Gripen NG.

CISB (Centro de Pesquisa e Inovacao Sueco–Brasileiro) the R&D centre initiated by Saab held its 1st annual meeting at the seminar and launched some initiatives with the aim to stimulate open innovation co-operation between Brazil and Sweden. Some of the arenas presented by CISB were in the security and transport sector, as well as a Capability Development Centre (CDC), and an agreement with the Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Cientifico e Tecnologico (CNPq), for the distribution of scholarships to study in Sweden.

The Capability Development Centre (CDC) is a new concept for Brazil which has been inspired by Swedish and South African experiences. The objective is to implement a Brazilian version, capable of serving the industry, universities, and government in the development and demonstration of solutions for applications such as maritime security, border monitoring, protection of oil resources and civil security for large events (e.g. World Cup and Olympic Games).

A number of journalists attended the event and also had the opportunity to fly in the Gripen simulator as well as to learn more about Swedish innovations.

Pontus de Laval, Saabs Chief Technology Officer, made a presentation on Research and Technology Arenas and Fredrik Nordh, CEO of Saab Ventures, presented cases about platforms for spin-outs, incubation and venture capital investments.

“This event has been a great success and has offered an opportunity for Saab to strengthen its relationship with Brazilian industry, academia and government representatives as well as showcasing Saabs broader portfolio as solutions for Brazilian defence projects such as Sisfron and SisgAAz,” says Åke Albertson, new Country Manager to Brazil.

Gripen Simulator at Open Innovation week in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Gripen Simulator at Open Innovation week in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

To highlight the Gripen simulator in Brazil, Saab is promoting a contest that will give three persons from the Brazilian general public the chance to fly the Gripen fighter simulator.

To participate, you simply have to answer the question “What is the importance of technological innovations to Brazil?” through the application on Facebook, at

The three best answers will win a trip to Brasilia, where they will attend the event “6 Horas de Kart de Brasília”, on December 17th, and chance to feel the thrill of flying the Gripen simulator.

Gripen Simulator at Open Innovation week in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Gripen Simulator at Open Innovation week in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

Open Innovation Week in Sao Paulo, Brazil