Saab Barracuda invests in speed and quality

Saab Barracuda has invested in a brand new production line at its Gamleby facility in Sweden. A new coating line can now double the output of signature management products compared to the previous line. The new coating line will also deliver lighter weight products, by using less paint and new types of fabric.

Saab Barracuda, with its head office in Gamleby, Sweden, has been active in the field of camouflage, heat mitigation and signature management technology for more than 50 years. The company is the world leader in this market area and  sees an increased demand for Signature Management Systems all over the world.

“There are different ways of increasing speed and quality”, explains Anders Brick, Vice President Production. “Saab Barracuda can run different fabrics and textiles through the machine faster and do several production steps at the same time. We also have better control of quality by measuring and correcting the quality during the ongoing coating process.”

The research and development department at Saab Barracuda in Gamleby will also benefit from this investment, as its production and development processes can be even more integrated with this new coating line. This will result in a more efficient production and development processes within Barracuda’s future operations.

“Production is not all about speed and higher production rates. Increasing our flexibility is just as important and we have improved this in two ways”, sais Anders Wiman, Head of Saab Barracuda. “We now have the ability to use the existing generation of fabrics or completely new ones in the future. We can also perform more production steps in-house with this new machine – work that previously had to be outsourced to other specialised companies.” (

For further information, please contact:

Anders Wiman, Head of Saab Barracuda, +46 734 180 441
Saab Press Centre, +46 734 180 018

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