Strategic Head of Purchasing

Karen Brown-Ek is the new Head of Strategic Purchasing for Saab's Aerostructures operations. Karen has a great deal of experience, with a background from BAE Systems and Saab's military aircraft operations, which will be invaluable in her new role.

The role of Head of Strategic Purchasing means having responsibility for the sourcing of products to all of Saab's programmes within commercial aerostructures operations.

"Within strategic sourcing, we are continuously working to find competitive solutions. We have a clear focus on cost-down activities and on establishing suppliers in low-cost environments. But it's not just about finding the right suppliers in the right markets, our work also involves encouraging our suppliers to outsource operations in low-cost environments."

The Aerostructures operation has a global network of suppliers.

"We are focusing on creating a long-term supplier base in order to deliver the best quality at the best price to existing and prospective customers and programmes."

Karen Brown

Karen Brown-Ek, new Head of Strategic Purchasing for Aerostructures.

Karen Brown-Ek has a broad background within purchasing operations and came into contact with Saab and Sweden when working at BAE Systems. At the time, Saab and BAE Systems were involved in a Joint Venture regarding Gripen.

"I began commuting to Sweden in 1998 and moved here in 2000. At that time I worked with purchasing related to Gripen. In recent years, I have held the role of Head of project purchasing within Saab's military aircraft operations."

Karen Brown-Ek describes the move over to commercial operations as an exciting development.

"I am already seeing a big difference. I have gone from a more development-focused organisation to a production focused business which is clearly visible in the daily tempo. The main focus right now is on getting to know new suppliers, programmes and customers."