Conscious environmental work

Saab is actively working to reduce the impact of operations and products on the environment and climate. One of the most recent examples is Aerostructures, which now holds an ISO 14001 environmental certificate.


Image: Saab’s target is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20%

Aerostructures has constantly adapted well to the requirements for an ISO 14001 certificate and has lived up to customers’ stringent environmental demands. After the most recent environmental audit, the unit was given its formal certification. 

“The audit went exceptionally well, thanks to environmental issues being a natural part of our operations,” says Ulrika Hakfelt, environmental coordinator at Saab, and continues: “Among other things, we optimize the amount of material used in the composite workshop when new products are manufactured.”

The group carries out ambitious environmental work at many levels. For example, Saab is involved in external cooperation in the environmental area such as Clean Sky, and for the fifth year in a row has gained a position in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index.

Saab’s overall climate target is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20% by 2020, compared with 2007. Within the framework of a special energy-saving project, Saab has set itself the target of halving its energy consumption by 2015. There are also environmental targets set for emissions of climate gases and the use of hazardous chemical substances.

“One concrete example is that the Aileron painting plant has decided to use plain water instead of chemical solvents. Other, more mundane measures related to the environment include trying to reduce the area of our premises, increasing car-pooling for business trips, and switching off lights and computers when we go home for the day,” says Ulrika Hakfelt.

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