Extended contract with Airbus

Airbus has extended its contract with Saab regarding the production of ailerons for the Airbus A320 series. The contract, which covers the entire duration of the programme, is worth SEK 701 million and increases in value if Airbus sells more aircraft.

Aileron production at Saab

Image: Aileron production at Saab in a paced line

The extended contract further strengthens the partnership between Saab and Airbus that began fifteen years ago. Saab is the only manufacturer of ailerons for the A320 and has delivered ailerons for the wings in the A320 series since 2000. The ailerons are manufactured in a so-called paced line, similar to the production in the car industry.

"We have worked hard to reduce production costs through innovative design and manufacturing processes. This has led to more than halved number of components and significantly reduced time and costs for production", explains Kjell Johnsson, Head of Saab Aerostructures.

The great demand for the A320 aircraft means that the programme is running at a high tempo. 40 aircraft are currently being produced every month. A figure that is planned to increase to 42 aircraft every month in the fourth quarter of 2012. 

Saab has worked with Airbus since 1997 and in addition to supplying ailerons for the A320 series, the company also supplies wing spars for the Airbus A380 and the crew door for the A400M military transport aircraft.

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