Successful Business-to-Business Event kicks off Swiss Industrial Participation programme

On Friday 29 June the Business to Business (B2B) meeting event at the Stade-de-Suisse in Bern, organized by armasuisse, Swissmem and Groupe Romand pour le Matériel de Défense et de Sécurité – GRPM to support the Swiss Industrial Participation programme (SIP), came to a successful close.

With nearly 50 companies; Saab business areas, suppliers and partners present, over 1200 meetings were established with around 130 companies from all regions of Switzerland. The purpose of the B2B meeting event was to create a launch platform for finding, creating and stimulating business opportunities for Saab’s Swiss Industrial Participation programme, which is linked to a future Swiss procurement of Gripen E/F.

Successful Business-to-Business Event kicks off Swiss Industrial Participation programme
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“After a tremendous preparation of these business-to-business meetings in Bern by the Offset Office Bern and the Saab team, armasuisse is very pleased with the outcome of the event. Also the very high rate of participation on the Swiss industry side and the broad reception on the foreign industry side is a clear sign of the success. This constructive approach will clearly help to generate an important additional business volume within Swiss industry for the upcoming Swiss Industrial Participation programme” said Per Magnus Larsson, Senior Legal Adviser and Offset Manager, armasuisse.

Saab is fully committed to delivering sustainable and mutually beneficial business in Switzerland and fulfilling the offset requirement of 100 per cent of contract value. Saab has international recognition and an excellent track record of delivering on its promises.  

“We have an excellent platform to begin our Industrial Participation work. Our focus is simple. It is to create long-term business opportunities, to sustain and create employment opportunities, to transfer knowledge and know how in high technology areas and to create investments” says Richard Smith, Campaign Director Switzerland at Saab.

The success of the B2B event was given an added boost with the signing of the pre-Offset agreement between armasuisse and Saab AB. The purpose of the pre-Offset agreement is to provide offset to Switzerland before contract signing, which is a clear sign of Saab’s commitment.

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