Gripen one of four alternatives when Denmark reopens fighter jet procurement

The Danish Ministry of Defence has decided to reopen the type selection process for new fighter aircraft, which was suspended in mid 2010. Saab’s fighter aircraft system Gripen is one of four alternatives.

In accordance with the “Agreement on defense 2013-2017” the Danish Ministry of Defence has decided to restarted type selection process for new fighter jets. Furthermore, the Ministry of Defence has in cooperation with the Armed Forces set up an organization to prepare the presentation for type selection.

“Our position to export Gripen to the world market is stronger than ever, particularly after the historical procurement order placed last month by Sweden for 60 Gripen and another possible 22 Gripen fighters for Switzerland,” says Lennart Sindahl, Head of Saab’s business area Aeronautics.

According to the Danish Ministry of Defence the reopened procurement involves four alternatives – F-18 Super Hornet from Boeing, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter from Lockheed Martin, Gripen Next Generation from Saab and the Eurofighter Typhoon.

“We note a great interest for Gripen worldwide and we follow the decision that has just been announced in Denmark. Now we are looking forward to receiving more information about the process,” explains Lennart Sindahl.

Today Saab is in the unique postion to have a firm development contract for the next generation fighter with Sweden, and potentially Switzerland, as customers. This means a strong competitive advantage in the ability to offer the world market a product that includes the most modern capabilities of a fighter system

The inherent characteristics of the well proven Gripen system combined with the result of ten years of investments in world leading methods and tools for development and production brings Saab to a postion where the company can offer a system that will support airforces with operational capabilities that are second to none and to a cost for operating that appeals to ministers of finance and taxpayers.

“Innovation has been our brand for over 75 years,. We are proud to continue this tradition by leading the aviation industry into something new by applying our truly revolutionary ways of working,” concludes Lennart Sindahl

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