Saab at JEC Europe with integrated composite items

Saab is taking part at Europe's main composites exhibition with high-volume composite products for Airbus and a technical demonstrator.

The exhibition includes everything that composite manufacturers are interested in. A meeting place for everybody, from the major aircraft manufacturers to technically-minded colleagues, customers and competitors in the aviation industry.

"Our products put us at the forefront, including the ingenious control surfaces we supply to the Airbus A320. Despite having been in production for a number of years, and having delivered more than 1,000 pairs to Airbus, the technology remains at the cutting edge of development and we will be continuing to refine it," says Magnus Falk, Vice President Business Development, Marketing and Sales.

Saab at JEC Europe

Caption: Saab's stand at JEC Europe in Paris, 12-14 March 2013.
Photo: Jan Waara

Integrated monolithical composite

Working with composites generates new possibilities. Instead of building everything in separate parts, we piece the parts together at an early stage. Once the composite is cured, everything is integrated inside the product. In fact, Saab is intensifying its efforts within the field of integrated monolithic composites. The EU's Clean Sky project is one example in which Saab utilises a similar technique in the wing structure assembly. The GFDemo project and the EU's Saristu project are examples of other projects where we are continuing to develop the same concept and technology.

The product being exhibited at JEC – A320 Aileron – is a great example of integrated monolithic composites that has not only been developed by Saab, it is also manufactured in a highly sophisticated way in the paced line that supplies Airbus with more than 40 ship sets every month. On time and high quality.

"During JEC, we have seen many different composite technologies and products. The level of technology is high and the development of materials is advancing rapidly. However, we are happy to see that the level of technology at Saab's composite workshop, and the knowledge we have acquired from the development and production of Ailerons at Saab, remain world-class," says Jan Waara, Composites Production Development Engineer and Project Manager for JEC at Saab.