Staffing, training and factory for AAI soon in place

The factory for Aerostructures Assemblies India in Belgaum is taking shape. The operations are being staffed. Meanwhile, in Sweden, the training and certification of the centre's employees is taking place. 

Construction of the new factory in Belgaum is proceeding on schedule. The tools will be installed after the summer and a qualification process will start at the same time. The organisation is also starting to take shape. The General Manager is working together with his management team to establish the structure, approach and responsibilities. Recruitment to the other positions will be completed shortly. With that, the entire organisation will be in place and ready for the transfer of work packages from Saab and Business Area Aeronautics.

Since March, the training of AAI employees has been taking place at Saab's Industriskola (Industrial School) in Sweden. The course participants arrived in batches to be given assembly training. They have also served production internships in order to gain the experience necessary for the work packages that will be produced at the factory in Belgaum, India.

During this period, the AAI team has also gone through the basic elements within Lean production including a very popular simulation in which the team spent a full day simulating different production arrangements and the results that can be achieved using these various arrangements.

The first team, who worked within quality, production technology and as controller, have now completed their 3-month training and internships at Aerostructures and, following certification, shall return to Belgaum so that they can continue to implement the preparations necessary for qualification and to commence production in September.


From the left; Manjunath Guru, Quality and controller, Brahmakumar Desai, production technology and Santosh Pavar, operator, received their certificates at a ceremony at Saab.