Bombardier and Saab collaborating in traffic control

Bombardier and Saab have initiated collaboration for development of new and innovative systems for traffic control. The collaboration brings together Bombardier's leading position in rail traffic control, and Saab's advanced technology and know-how in sensors, communications and control systems for surface, air and sea transports.

Safety, high capacity, sustainability and innovative solutions are the basis for a common collaborative vision. An important starting point is the project in traffic control, regardless of mode of transport. This project is being conducted under the direction of VINNOVA at a forum for innovation in the transport sector (Forum för Innovation inom Transportsektorn). Both Bombardier and Saab are participating in the project.

Significant growth is expected in the global market for traffic control systems in the near future. This will come about through increasing numbers of countries prioritising systems that contribute to more efficient, safer and more sustainable transports.

Sweden is very advanced when it comes to shaping an approach that encompasses multiple modes of transport, something that in among other ways is reflected in the country's infrastructure policy goals. According to VINNOVA's forum for innovation in the transport sector, solutions for intermodular transports (i.e. transports that embrace several kinds of carriage) will have increasing significance. Research and development must therefore take advantage of experiences and system-common factors within various modes of transport to a greater degree.

About Bombardier

Bombardier Sweden is a leading technology company with 2,500 employees and exports to railway projects around the world. Bombardier Sweden is a part of the Bombardier Group, which is world leading in innovative transportation solutions, for everything from railway technology to aircraft in scheduled service and private jets for businesses. Bombardier's main offices are in Canada and the company has 72,000 employees in more than 60 countries. Revenue for the fiscal year 2012 amounted to USD 16.8 billion.

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