When the risks are too great, our unmanned vehicles are the solution

when the risk are too great,our unmanned vehicles are the solution

Estimates suggest that the floor of the Baltic Sea continues to hold as many as 130,000 mines from the two world wars. Furthermore, many of them are live, with the potential to cause devastating damage to people and vessels.

At Saab, we have many years' experience of developing unmanned autonomous underwater systems that can search for mines on the ocean floor quickly, efficiently and without risk. The same system can be used to help police discover drowning victims within minutes or to pinpoint hazardous goods following maritime accidents. Some of our other underwater vehicles are used for scientific research, for various observation purposes and for environmental work.

Saab's unmanned vehicles are not only found in the sea but also in the sky. Using an unmanned aerial vehicle, it is possible to fly in dangerous environments or disaster zones without risk to human life. Saab's Skeldar is one example. It is a small unmanned helicopter with many different applications within reconnaissance and surveillance. For instance, Skeldar can be used for surveillance during various kinds of disaster, traffic accidents, fires or for military purposes. In the future, the technology will also be used within agriculture, forestry and other basic industries in the society.