No room for error when lives are at stake

No room for error when lives are at stake

When accidents happen there is no room for doubt. The right information to the right person at the right time will have a critical bearing on the outcome.

Saving lives is something that also concerns us at Saab. One example is the ability to alert the casualty department that a patient is on the way and provide the waiting trauma unit with all the information before the patient even arrives.

Our solutions for ambulances and the emergency services enable just that. They have been developed to give effective real-time support for every part of the chain – from the accident site to the casualty department.

Saab has developed a unique information system that allows everybody involved to share information in real time. One of the parts is an advanced navigational support system which makes sure all the resources find the right location.

There is never enough time when lives are at stake. With clear and immediate information, we can help to save lives and lessen the impact when an accident has occurred.