Saab Training & Simulation enable large scale NATO exercise

Saab has equipped soldiers and vehicles from five different countries with an instrumented training system, during the exercise Noble Ledger, a NATO exercise in Norway. It is one of the largest instrumented multi-national exercises ever.

This month Saab Training & Simulation is supporting Exercise Noble Ledger, a major NATO Response Force (NRF) exercise in Norway with 6500 soldiers, participating from Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, USA and Norway. The NRF is NATOs high readiness multi- national force that can deploy quickly, wherever needed.  Noble Ledger is the key to the preparation and certification of the NATO forces.

Realistic Instrumented Training

Over several decades, Saab, has delivered training services and equipment to these five countries but now, for the first time, they will train together using this equipment on a much larger scale. Over 3000 soldiers and vehicles will be equipped with laser simulators, enabling them to train realistically against each other, whilst exercise managers will also be able to follow their movement across the terrain and assess their effectiveness in achieving their mission. Saab ensures the countries’ exercise equipment is compatible and interoperable and that the instrumentation system captures all the necessary exercise data to enable joint evaluation during and after the exercise. This is the largest instrumented exercise that Saab has ever undertaken.

Saab Training and Simulation provides customers with the training tools they need to bring the experience, confidence and determination required for the real mission.

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