How we push boundaries

In-depth knowledge, visualization, and interaction – that’s what our feature section is all about. Join Gripen as it enters the skies, find out how sensors succeed where human senses fail and get a sneak peek of the technology of tomorrow.
This is how Saab keeps people and society safe.

A future-proof fighter jet

Being referred to as “smart fighter” and “master of the turnaround” connotes a lot to live up to. Learn how Gripen through the years have earned its nicknames.

Making sense of sensors

Sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste… The five human senses are key to our comfort, security and survival. And yet these in-built sensors are not enough to give us a complete feeling of control 24/7. Today, a vast range of man-made sensors help us to keep an eye on things..

A battleground hero

Developed in the 1940s and as relevant in today’s technology-driven theatres of combat. A clever basic design that has been constantly innovated, and that is now used by more than 40 nations across the planet. The story of Saab’s Carl-Gustaf is the story of a Swedish battleground hero.

The art of command and control

For as long as there has been conflict between human beings, people have come up with philosophies on how to manage these wars and win battles. Nowadays, in the age of digitalisation, the military is using sophisticated command and control systems, but the principles established in ancient times remain the same.

A day in the Swedish defence industry

In a complex and ever more unpredictable world, Saab’s innovations contribute to making people and societies safe. But what is it like working on the line, producing ground combat weapons, missiles and torpedoes for armed forces and the defence industry? Follow us for a day at one of Saab’s business areas, Dynamics, and the production facility Björkborn with long roots in Sweden’s defence industry.