Saab contributed to increased security when Barack Obama visited Sweden

History was written in 2013 when America's President Barack Obama visited Stockholm. The eyes of the world were on Sweden and a rigorous security sweep, with both police and military resources, contributed to protecting the President. Several Saab systems were used in this work.

Logistics were secured with the help of solutions from Saab, beginning at Arlanda Airport. In use at Arlanda was e-Strip for example, which helps air traffic controllers to handle and structure the flow of aircraft to and from the airport. Additionally, the air traffic control system SAFE was used to protect and monitor what was happening on the ground. SAFE integrates cameras, burglar alarms, fire alarms, access systems and security staff into a centralised system that provides a real-time picture of the security situation at Arlanda.

The trip in to Stockholm city was under maximum police surveillance. The police, fire brigade and ambulance service communicated with one another via Rakel, the national radio communications system for interaction and command. The system has been developed by a consortium that consists of Saab, Cassidian and Eltel Networks, with Saab as the consortium leader. Rakel has been expanded to cover all of Sweden in order to strengthen the country's crisis management capabilities and to facilitate everyday communications for organisations that work with law and order, public safety and health. The system is well-proven and was put in service by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency in 2006.

The Swedish Armed Forces' warning and reporting system for CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) defence was also used during the visit. The abbreviation CBRN stands for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear. The system was developed by Saab, and in conjunction with President Obama's visit, the system's mobile unit with sensors was mounted on a vehicle. All to eliminate any CBRN threats.

In central Stockholm, the Swedish Armed Forces' Giraffe AMB mobile radar units, which were developed by Saab, were placed at strategic locations to provide an all-encompassing picture of the air space over Stockholm. Moreover, the Swedish Armed Forces' Gripen fighters patrolled the skies to guard against any threats that could affect the American president's visit to Stockholm