Clean Sky 2 and SESAR: Major investment in EU across 7 Joint Technology Initiatives

On 9 July 2014, the EU's new program for Joint Technology Initiatives was launched in Brussels. In total, the multi-billion euro investment consists of seven programs and is to be funded by the European Union and European Aviation Industry. Saab will participate in at least two of these programs, Clean Sky 2 and SESAR.

Saab is one of 16 companies in Europe who are participating in Clean Sky 2. The mission is to develop a new generation of greener flight and enhance the rate of development for this area of the industry. Saab will participate across two integrated technology development projects- Airframe ITD and ITD Systems.

- We have chosen to participate in this initiative as it is a great way to get return on the investment in technology developed to support our civilian products in the aerospace field, says Mats Palmberg, Head of Future Business, Aeronautics. Meanwhile, as a member of the Clean Sky 2 initiative we get the opportunity to participate in shaping the development and application of new innovative technologies for the next generation of civil aircraft. The goal of the program is to create conditions for an internationally competitive aerospace industry in Europe with world-leading products that meet stringent environmental targets and increase the rate of development in this area.

Since its inception in 2008, Saab has been involved in the EU project Clean Sky. The Clean Sky technology that Saab develops with Airbus - an advanced laminated streamlined wing-  is to be integrated and flight tested on the Airbus A340 in the autumn of 2016. The program will end in 2017.

Clean Sky 2 begins now and will run until the 2024. It brings together the European Aerospace industry's main representatives and public research organizations. The program is expected to generate approximately 4 billion euro.