Encouraging innovative thinking – everywhere

A trained engineer, Pontus de Laval started his career at Saab in 1985. Nearly thirty years later, he continues to help push the limits of technology as Saab’s CTO (Chief Technology Officer), including through a newly created Corporate Innovation Programme.

“Saab’s products have changed over the years, but the strong commitment to innovation and scope for free thinking – which originally drew me here - remains the same,” says Pontus.

Since 1937, Saab has maintained a ‘thinking edge’, one which has allowed it to offer innovative solutions that solve customers’ needs more efficiently than competitors.
“It is an edge that could be   seen in the Cold War, when Saab began creating a cutting-edge fighter for   Sweden, to defend against the might of the Soviet Union. Critically, the   fighter also had to meet Sweden’s limited resources. The solution was Gripen,   an innovative fighter whose modern variant has been exported the world round,”
says Pontus.
From its base in Sweden, the EU’s most innovative country, and with R&D   spending at an all-time-high, Saab continues to build on its near eighty   years of innovative heritage.

“Innovation comes from every level of the business day-to-day, but it is   also something fostered through innovation programmes,” notes Pontus.

- Pontus de Laval, Saab's CTO