Exploring the city of the future

Saab and Combitech’s collaboration with the science and technology program at Fagrabäcksskolan in Växjö continues. Last week one of the mentors, Christer Stålgren Head of Saab's project office in Linköping, hosted a lecture for seventh grade on what to consider when building a city.

- Never build cities based on technical needs, but from people's needs, remarked Christer.

During the semester students will be tasked with building their own cities as part of the national Future City competition. This is an annual project in which students will create a city based on a number of criteria. The city will be built using the computer program Minecraft and they will have to write an essay and build a model that is presented in a regional final.

The science and technology program at Fagrabäcksskolan is now running for its second year and has grown in popularity by  one hundred percent! In class, students work very much in projects. In one of these projects called, "Come up with crazy ideas”, you work with turning ideas into reality, to learn how to become a problem solver and to ensure that the manufacturing of a product is targeted to the right audience. Another project is the FLL - First Lego League (www.firstlegoleague.org). Students learn robot programming and the theme of this year is about exploring what the future of education could look like.

Lego robots are being built

Robot programming in full speed - theme Education for the future