Collaboration is all that matters

The primary objective of improving how we work is to create a culture in which every employee at Saab wants to help make the company better. The ambition is to create a type of commitment that ensures that employees feel involved and useful, one that helps them develop and feel they are having fun together. Camilla is a Lean Coordinator at Saab. 

"Collaboration is the only thing that gets us somewhere. People with different backgrounds and experiences help to foster new approaches and ideas. If there is a problem, I am used to getting the people together that I need and working to find a new solution," she says. "Diversity is important when solving problems as different perspectives result in better solutions."

Free for ideas As Lean Coordinator, Camilla has an insight into all parts of the company, how processes and functions interact and how to work to improve them. "Above all, I have to get to know the people who are involved in the processes," she says. Camilla is acutely aware that change can be hard. "But the more ideas that are out there, the more liberated the change process becomes," she says, adding that she regards improvements as a challenge that must be overcome collectively.

- We adults tend to limit ourselves. We must permit ourselves to have lots of ideas. And not criticise them too soon. They are not bad, just unfinished. They have to mature, to grow, possibly combined with something not yet thought of."

So what are Camilla's best qualities?

-"I am responsive, curious and unpretentious. I do not think I have all the
answers. It is always worth listening to what others have to offer - positive
and negative - before I make a decision. 

When others give up, Camilla has another go. "That is often when you discover something new," she says. "When you remove all boundaries and think freely instead of trying to force something.

- I am highly technical. A lot of people raise their eyebrows when I have ideas about design, tools, production equipment etc. I often see things that others don't. I see the bigger picture and that is appreciated."

Camilla believes it a strength to have worked to acquire new knowledge.