From words to action

For us it’s simple: A diverse company, where women and men have equal opportunities, is more profitable. As our CEO Håkan Buskhe puts it: “At Saab, equality is not a project - it is part of our

Saab has focused on gender equality for several years and we have worked systematically with increasing the portion of female managers. At an early stage we realised that gender equality has a positive impact on profitability and therefore we set a clear KPI in this area and measure progress, just like we do in all other areas of strategic importance.  

Saab is active in talking about equality and diversity within the company and we work continuously with improving culture and behavior at all levels in the organisation. Thus diversity and equality is a natural part of Saab– from daily people management to recruitment and employer branding.

Diversity to us means our ability to make the most of everybody’s individual know-how, and to view different personal and professional backgrounds and experiences as an asset. With diversity, we mean all the attributes and qualities that make us unique, for example gender, age, ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation or disabilities. A workplace characterized by diversity establishes a firm foundation for greater creativity and innovation, which lead to development and successful business.

"For Saab, everybody's equal value is an utterly indispensable part of our heritage and, as a company, we have constant need for employees from all
over the world with a broad range of experiences,” says CEO Håkan Buskhe.

Diversity and equality: We seek diversity with special emphasis on creating a
workplace for men and women. We are actively working to increase the share of
female managers at Saab.

Work/life balance: We respect the need of all employees to maintain balance in
their lives and have a family culture where openness and cooperation are evident.