Only you set the boundaries

-   "It is exciting and rewarding to work at the cutting-edge of technology. The variety of tasks, and getting to work with skilled and professional employees in a global business is fun."

These are the words of Aramia Zakariasdotter, Head of Department for ILS (Integrated Logistic Support). Aramia manages around 100 people whose work includes developing maintenance systems for Gripen, Airborne Early Warning and others.

-          "We work throughout the product's life cycle and offer the customer cost-effective support and maintenance solutions that guarantee availability, operational reliability and maintainability for our products and systems," she says.

And we are talking about a long life cycle. The systems that Aramia's colleagues are working with have to last for 20, 30 even 40 years. This involves identifying what is most cost-effective and best for the customer in the long term.

Aramia has a lengthy career at Saab behind her.

-          "In almost 15 years at Saab, I have had time to do a bit of everything, from engineering, project management, product development, operations development, business development, marketing and senior management.

-          There are no limits to what you can do here – only you set the boundaries," says Aramia.

She points out that development opportunities at Saab are endless. "We encourage internal mobility and we work consciously with job rotation in terms of roles as well as different disciplines. Because Saab operates globally, on all continents, there are also major opportunities for people who are interested in having an international career."

Diversity makes working more enjoyable

Aramia says that she is interested in technology, while she is also fascinated about people. And she enjoys challenges; things should not be too easy.

-          "I am very driven and results-focused. I try to involve my employees early on in the decision-making process so that they can get stuck in and make a difference. Involvement and enjoyment at work are incredibly important."

In her management team, Aramia makes sure that there is diversity with regard to both gender and age.

-          "Diversity makes working more enjoyable but it also yields better results commercially. People complement each other and problem-solving becomes less unilateral.

-          Saab is focusing on diversity and, for example, increasing the number of women in both leadership positions as well as expert roles, because we know that this boosts profitability," she says.

Work-life balance

Aramia feels that she has maintained a good balance between work and leisure during her time at Saab. "One of the good things about Saab is that diversity is a clearly expressed goal, as is work-life balance," she says.

Aramia often meets young women who say that they want to work with people and she tells them that this is exactly what we do at Saab.

-          "Even when I was doing the most technical jobs I was working with people. A system is based on hundreds of components and sub-systems that have been developed by different engineers, and I saw myself as as much a people-integrator as a system-integrator," says Aramia.