Graduates challenge our organization to improve

Graduates can vitalize an entire organization by bringing in new ideas and ways of thinking. In the Saab Graduate Leadership Programme they work with important projects in the organization. For example, did you know that a graduate played an important role in the due diligence process preceding the acquisition of Saab Kockums?

Ronnie means that graduates have the potential to advance quickly in the organization and adapt to their role thanks to the mind-set that the programme creates and the broad knowledge they get during the programme.

“Throughout the programme they are constantly challenged both intellectually and socially and develop a behaviour that gives us the potential to quickly use them in broader roles. They have the confidence to accept tough challenges, solve them and to also know when and how to use their network for help. Graduates dare to hallenge the organization and demand more from us. It is like having a very demanding customer, that’s when you truly develop. In order to get the most out of hiring a graduate, I as a manager have to continuously support and challenge them. It is important to understand that this requires a lot from me as a manager.” 

Li Björklund was a graduate in 2009 and now works in Ronnie Candemarks department as a strategic purchaser. 

Working with graduates in shorter assignments

It is not only the departments that recruit graduates that draw benefits from the programme, to host a graduate for rotation can also be very beneficial.

Johan Alexandersson, graduate in the 2014 programme, speaks about an assignment he had connected to Saab’s acquisition of Saab Kockums (formerly TKMS AB):“I participated in the Due Diligence*process with issues related to HR before Saab’s acquisition of Kockums during the summer of 2014. It was a big challenge to, with very short notice, join the important work that precedes an acquisition. At the same time I was honored to after a relatively short time at Saab get the possibility to contribute to a project that has become such an important milestone in Saab’s history. To collaborate with colleagues that have previously worked on Due Diligence processes and learn from their experiences has been very rewarding and interesting for me. This project gave me many new insights that I will remember and make use of during my entire career. To have been given this opportunity so early in my career has made me appreciate my time as a graduate at Saab even more.”

Anna-Karin Quant, head of HR in the business area SDS, who ordered the work that Johan performed comments on it: ”Assigning Johan to this project turned out to be very successful. When we started the Due Diligence work we had a very limited amount of time to form a team that could work with the HR-issues, the solution was to appoint a senior consultant and ask Johan to participate from Saab’s side. As a graduate, Johan could join the project with very short notice and deliver professionally with an exceptional drive and commitment. Johan delivered excellent results that were very important in the price negotiations and I also believe that Johan will have great benefits of this unique experience in his career. I hope to be able to work more with Johan in the future!”

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