For a safer and more secure society together with our customers

Airborne ISR systems that are tailored to countries' complex maritime needs - and which stay modern, affordable and accessible - are being born from our more with less philosophy and spiral development approach.

Saab 340 MSA

Saab was founded in 1937 and has over 75 years of experience supporting the development of a safer and more secure society within the air, land and sea domains. As a non-aligned nation Sweden has always had a tradition of being independent of other nations when it comes to military equipment. Sweden is a relatively small nation and this in turn results in somewhat constrained defence budget compared to other nations. For such a comparatively small nation to be able to develop military products, both products and future operations have to be very cost-efficient.

Saab has also a long tradition in developing flexible, high technology and cost-effective products with multi-role capabilities. Building Airborne ISR systems, it is equally important to have expertise in situational awareness, sensors, communications, aircraft development, manufacturing, modification and system-of-systems integration. At Saab we have it all. 

Saab’s commitment to continuous improvements through spiralling development ensures a system that can remain modern, without the need for extensive and costly mid-life upgrades whilst being more readily available for operations.

“Through our philosophy More With Less we have a more capable mission system which allows for a more cost-effective, through-life operation with less resources. Our commitment begins at the earliest stages of planning and continues through the entire product life. This is tailored to the unique needs of every individual customer, ensuring that the systems and equipment provide maximum value for our customers,” says Joakim Mevius, Head of Airborne ISR.