Increased protection for whistle blowers


It is absolutely imperative for Saab to be perceived as a long-term, trustworthy business partner that advocates an open and transparent market. Therefore, Saab can never tolerate corruption.

In 2008, Saab became one of the first Swedish companies to introduce a dedicated whistle blowing channel, affording employees the opportunity to anonymously sound the alarm on malfeasance and corruption.  Since the beginning of 2015, a new and improved function has existed comprising a system for handling both web and telephone based reports, and is administered by an external company to safeguard anonymity. It also possible to communicate via the system in cases where the notifier wishes to provide additional information, or would like to make sure a report has been received by Saab.

"Our operations should always be characterised by trust and respect for our Code of Conduct. It is important for misconduct to be brought to light and the new system offers an alternative to the normal reporting channels," says Head of Group Legal Affairs, Annika Bäremo.

In order to prevent the risk of corruption, Saab acts according to current legislation, the company's Code of Conduct, processes and values, as well as industry-wide codes of conduct. Examples of factors which influence risk include the location of the deal, the customer, how procurement is accomplished, the manner in which Saab learned of the deal, the business model, the contract value, etc. If the identified risks cannot be minimised and managed correctly, Saab will forgo the deal. The rule is simple: Saab has zero tolerance for corruption.