Self-protection in hostile environments

How can airborne platforms avoid attack in hostile environments? In order to avoid becoming a target, it is crucial to keep track of every type signal out there. Saab provides complete solutions allowing exceptional situational awareness to keep people and equipment safe.

Saab provides everything from Electronic Support Measures, Radar Warner Receivers and Jammers to self-protection systems with Missile Approach Warners and Countermeasure Dispenser Systems for airborne platforms. These types of systems are referred to as Electronic Warfare (EW) systems.

All Saab’s EW systems are designed to provide exceptional situational awareness with the ability to detect, localise and identify radio-frequency based threats. This provides the user with the information and decision superiority needed to be on top of the electronic battlefield. And if the aircraft or helicopter is detected, the protection provided by Saab’s countermeasure systems will mitigate the risks in the hostile engagement, allowing the crew to complete the mission and leave the engagement zone for a safe return home.

Self-defence for airborne platforms means knowing whether anyone is observing me or making me a target. That requires keeping track of every type of signal out there. Saab's IDAS system is designed to provide self-defence in sophisticated, diverse and dense threat environments. IDAS can be configured to become the high-end system with laser-warning, missile-approach-warning, as well as full multi-spectral detection capability for radar.

The system is fully integrated with the BOP-L countermeasures dispenser. The integration effort will be minimised: IDAS systems are already fully integrated Defensive Aids Systems, (DAS). Choosing IDAS therefore reduces the substantial integration non-recurring engineering effort required by federated DAS systems.

The latest order for the IDAS system was received from the Indian company HAL, for protection for the Indian air defence’s Dhruv helicopters. Read more

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